Company policy
Company policy

Quality and Environment

Quality and Environmental company policy

UNOX recognises that disciplines such as Quality, Health and Safety at Work and Environmental Management are an integral part of the company management.

UNOX for the Environment: 3 points

Commitment to the Environment

Productive processes

Reduction of the environmental impact of the Productive Processes

UNOX believes that the economic and the environmental efficiency of its operating processes are two sides of the same coin. The company is organised according to the "lean economy" principles: light, synchronised, metronomic production flows. The elimination of wastes reduces environmental and social externalities to a minimum, resulting in a smooth and rapid supply cycle.


    Reduction of the environmental impact of the Products

    The reduction of the environmental impact has to involve the complete life cycle of the product, both upstream and downstream its production. To UNOX, using every resource accurately means producing with maximum efficiency for today and tomorrow.

      Cooking process

      Reduction of the environmental impact of the Customers’ Cooking Processes

      Reducing consumption means first of all reducing the environmental and energy impact of those who use the UNOX ovens every day. Greater energy efficiency means economic savings for each user and a concrete environmental advantage.

        UNOX is committed to the continuous improvement of quality and environmental management and performance. This is achieved in accordance with the following principles:


        Comply with applicable laws, regulations and requirements for the company.


        Periodically review the Quality and Environmental Policy to verify its implementation and adequacy.


        Inform all the people working in UNOX S.p.A. and all the interested parties about the Quality and Environmental Policy.


        Define and periodically review the Quality and Environmental objectives.


        Share the Quality and Environmental objectives and the results obtained with UNOX employees and all the interested parties.


        Pursue the continuous improvement of quality and environmental performance through constant research and application of technological and procedural innovations.


        Make the best use of Quality and Environmental management resources.

        External Resources

        Involve and raise awareness among outsourced suppliers and contractors for correct environmental behaviour in compliance with the current environmental legislation.


        Satisfy customers in the best possible way, delivering high quality products and services, respecting the agreed deadlines and having competitive prices.


        Ensure the health and safety of employees, contractors and others who come into contact with our products.
        UNOX S.p.A.’s ability to achieve these objectives is verified through internal audits, which assess the effectiveness and efficiency of UNOX Quality and Environmental management, and through processes of continuous improvement and prevention of non-conformities. Customer satisfaction is monitored and used as the basis of the continuous improvement process.



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