Welcome to the future!

Digital.ID™ is the most advanced operating system ever installed on an oven. Fast and intuitive interface with hyper-connection functions powered by artificial intelligence.


Digital.ID Hyperconnection

Your ovens and your choices are always with you

With Digital.ID™ you can access the interface of your ovens on all your devices, wherever you want, whenever you want, without the need for high-speed internet connection. Import any customization and recipe on all your ovens and devices via the Digital.ID app. Having real-time control of your ovens has never been this simple.

Digital.ID Account

Profiles and customizations

Create your Digital.ID™ and log in to your SPEED-X™ oven connected to the internet: memorize your cooking programs, the configuration of your home page and all the customizations of your oven directly on the cloud. The account stays in constant sync with the most recent changes, also allowing you to edit them directly from your smartphone. You can log in to your account from any SPEED-X™oven connected to the internet and immediately have access to your settings.

Digital.ID Widgets

A tailor-made home page

With the new widgets you work with the most intuitive interface ever seen on an oven. Customize the home screen according to your needs or choose a preset layout designed for your business to have your favourite features always in the foreground.

Ergonomic, fast, practical, intuitive

The new Digital.ID control panel



Premium* digital services

Remote service

Digital Training

With the purchase of a Digital.ID oven you can receive free Premium base training that will teach you all the tricks to take 100% advantage of your oven from the very first days after installation. Our Active Marketing Chefs are available remotely to show you everything you need, from basic functions to the most advanced technologies.

Digital Cooking Concierge

Do you need advice? Do you want to optimize the use of your oven? Do you want to perfect a cooking process? Do you need instructions for a recipe?

If you have activated the Premium* digital services you can book a Premium call with our Corporate Chefs directly from your oven and talk to them thanks to the internal microphone to receive live advice! With the new Badge function you will be able to carry out instructions during the call, while with the Remote Control function you can allow the chef to set your oven remotely.

Live Technical Assistance

Do you need help? If you are a Premium* customer you can call our technical team directly from your oven and speak to our operators via the internal microphone. Moreover, thanks to the built-in chat and camera function of the Digital.ID App you can send messages and images to help the team diagnose and resolve your doubts more quickly and accurately.

*All these digital features are included in our Digital.ID™ Premium subscription which includes voice assistant, digital training, 30min/month of cooking support, live technical assistance and all the capabilities of the DDC Enterprise plan.


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